atheism.online is a non-profit, non-affiliated, crowd-funded collaboration project with one primary goal: To spread the knowledge about atheism and support the positive movement towards a secular humanistic world.

atheism.online wants to be a helping hand for the ones who have doubts about their religious belief and want to explore the world outside of religion and blind faith. Through the many personal video stories and projects collected from all over the internet we want to give a powerful, honest and authentic experience to show that atheism is first and foremost about people, just like you, where many have gone through the same difficulties you may currently facing. We want you to know that you are not alone and that there are plenty of experienced people out there to help you on your journey, many of them with a religious background that can relate to your situation.

The site is meant to serve as a starting point if you want to learn more about atheism and get a brief introduction to the atheist community as well as find support and advice on how to leave religion behind. The site also serves as a proof of the fast growing and diverse atheist community and hopes to inspire other atheists around the world to follow by improving and amplifying the communication around atheism to help de-stigmatize and raise the awareness and profile of atheism in the public discourse through positivity, debate and creativity - irl and online.


Our planet is a beautiful place. And as humans we've evolved and achieved amazing things through our curiosity and burning desire to understand the world around us. Our potential seems limitless. Yet our world is messed up in so many ways. We really need to work harder together to fix things. We need to get closer instead of building walls and maintaining faith bubbles. Atheism alone does not have all the answers but it offers a clean slate, free from that one ancient idea that holds the majority of us back in the past, that keeps us separated, submissive and blinded, unable to see that we live here and now, together. It's time to move on without the burden of religious dogmas and ideas in the public discourse.

It has never been a better time to leave religion and to embrace the one life you have to make the most of it. Thanks to the internet and social media, the atheist movement is sweeping over the world in a never seen before pace. The young and tech-savvy generation could be the first generation that can break the paralyzing "belief-by-birth" protocol for their future children on a worldwide scale. There is momentum. We just need to get atheism out of the closet and into the world, wide open. And in as many languages as possible. atheism.online wants to be part of this positive movement with the hope that atheism one day will become as obvious and obsolete as it should be.


atheism.online was built and is maintained by a group of dedicated atheists/secular humanists who wants to spread the knowledge and improve the communication around atheism and make the information more accessible and easier to use on all types of web platforms. We plan to develop the site further and regularly add new material to keep it relevant and more useful.

atheism.online would be nothing without all the great YouTube content published, performed and produced by all the clever and brave people and organizations out there who really are making a difference through their hard and dedicated work for a more enlightened, tolerant and justice world: Thank you for your endurance! And the bravery of all of those who are publicly open atheists or decide to "come out" as atheists on YouTube or other media need to be mentioned as well: You are all immensely important for the world, the atheist community and the rest of us who are still struggling in the hide. Thank you for your courage - because of you, plenty more will dare to speak up!


atheism.online is primarily re-publishing relevant YouTube material for educational purpose in order to help spreading the knowledge of atheism in the world. The site is merely a great collection of videos - made and published by others - that we think are relevant for the purpose. As such we are not responsible for the content of quoted texts or linked videos and cannot respond to any comments or requests you may have on specific material. Of the same reason we do not necessarily have the same opinions expressed by represented channels or persons on other topics elsewhere. However, we strongly recommend you to start following, subscribe and/or contact any of the individual YouTube channels represented by just clicking the YouTube link in the video player to reach the original post.


If you are a person or content-provider who is re-published here but do not want to participate, please contact us via email and we will act accordingly. If you have ideas on improvement or want to recommend great videos or other content related to atheism, secular humanism or science we're looking forward to your suggestions!

Please note that we don't have the resources to respond to other things than requests or suggestions for new or improved material on this site. If you need help or are looking for new atheist friends please use our resources found on the pages leaving religion, community and secular organisations where you will find great links and tips.



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